Why Is Soccer Better Than Football

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Too many times has the question come up, which is the better sport, Soccer or Football? Surprisingly enough there are many similarities between the two sports. Having said that, one is more likely to find that there are huge differences. Whether you are a fan of football or soccer, they are both great sports full of history that fill the record books. Both popular sports around the world they share the same objective, but have completely different rules and styles of play. Although it may not be so obvious, Soccer and American Football have many similarities. For instance, both sports consist of an eleven-man team on the field. In soccer, you have 10 men playing with 1 goalkeeper. Football consists of 11 men on the field, whether that is offence, defense or special teams. Secondly, both sports will feature a playmaker. The playmaker for football is the quarterback since he will choose which way the play will go. Soccer has a playmaker in the center-mid position of the field; his job is to create plays for the attackers. The jobs of the two positions may be in different sports, but at the end of the day they both have the same…show more content…
This lovely sport is played all around the world with professional leagues in most countries. American football is mostly popular only in the U.S and Canada. The other huge difference in the two sports is the competitions they play. Football players only play for the team they have contracts with. Soccer players get to represent their countries by playing for their countries national team. This means a soccer player will play for their club and which ever country they are a citizen too. Weather it is the style of play, or the stage that the players get to perform in, the differences between the two sports is

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