Basketball Vs Basketball Compare And Contrast

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Over 27 million Americans take part in football or basketball in the United States. This is a big number of people participating. It is a great way to stay active. I am going to compare the two sports to each other. Obviously they are different but there are some similarities. I will talk about being active, being on a team, and how they are played. Being active is in both of these sports. They require a lot of energy. Basketball is a smaller playing area meaning the court is obviously smaller than a football field but in basketball you are almost always moving. Football there is a break in between each play. There is time to build energy back up. The two sports just about equal out because of different size of playing area and how much you…show more content…
These sports take a lot of practice. Just showing up to a few practices and hoping to do well. Its takes a lot more to become good players. These sports also take a lot of teamwork. Working with team is how the team will get better. Teamwork is where every team starts. Teams that have good players but bad team chemistry or teamwork do not end up doing so well. On the football field having trust in teammates doing what they need to do and right is showing their teamwork. At one time on offense in football the quarterback has to trust that his offensive line will protect him from rushers. The quarterback also has to trust that the wide receivers and running back will run their routes correctly. Same thing goes for basketball. One player can not win a game by themselves. It is a team effort. Playing a zone defense in basketball is one of the best times that teamwork is needed. They need to communicate to each other. Calling out where people are going and who needs to get who. This is one of the biggest reasons basketball and football are similar. Some of the differences are obvious but there still are similarities. These two sports are different in how they are played but not different in how much hard work and dedication it takes to become a great team. Playing any one of these sports is a great way to stay active and being on team is fun. You get to hang out with your friends and have some great memories that will last a long time. 27 million people are

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