Philadelphia Eagles History

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When people think of Philadelphia, many think of the sports teams, food and atmosphere. The sports teams have won over the Philadelphia name most of all. The Eagles can be traced back to 1933(cite) and is associated with Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Eagles football team is a symbol for the city and has stayed the same until now. The values that shaped the function and form of the Eagles are still noticeable today. You can find dedication in the football team on and off the field. “(n.d.). Retrieved October 18, 2015.” The Philadelphia Eagles Football Team, have won the precursor to the Super Bowl, NFL championships but never have won the actual Super Bowl. “(n.d.). Retrieved October 18, 2015.” The Eagles history all started in 1933 to 1939.…show more content…
They went from hopeless to hopeful in 1970-1979. The team has faced many coaches, players and obstacles. The eagles have gone from, their golden age to mild success to dream team, and now to The Chop Kelly Era. Chip Kelly has turned the team around and was hired on January 16,2013 after a success four-year reign of coaching to the University of Oregon. The first season, Kelly was able to make a record of 10-6 and an NFC East championship. Chip Kelly became the second head coach in the league to win a division title his first season coaching in the NFL. The Philadelphia Eagles have changed history over time, and have proven themselves to be one of the most well known teams in the NFL. “Philadelphia Eagles (1933-Present). (n.d.). Retrieved October 18,…show more content…
Professional sports have become huge industries and economic support for many cities. Sports in America aren't just formed around professional teams but also, youth teams, high school and college teams as well. Baseball, basketball, football and hockey have become major sports in America. Baseball is considered to be the National pastime. Major league baseball attracts more fans and sells more tickets than any sports teams in the world. Basketball was invented by Dr. James Naismith who was from Canada. The game evolved over the years and was based on the original rules. Eventually leagues and professional teams were developed. The sport became popular in urban areas. The National Basketball Association is one of the most well known leagues in the world. Football was known as rugby in the 1870’s, which was America’s favorite sport played then. In 1876, football was developed based on rugby. Then, in 1890’s the sport gained interest and became a professional sport. Hockey is another main focus in American sports. The sport Hockey is considered by many to be originated in Canada in the 1800’s. Ice hockey then started to become more popular in the United States after that era. Professional teams started to form in Michigan and Pennsylvania and then in 1910, the NHL was created in Canada. It was later expanded to America in 1924. Sports in America is widely watched and pride is taken in it. “The History of Sports in the United

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