Compare And Contrast Soccer And Football Essay

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When looking at the way sports work it is easy to assume they are alike due to that most consist of a team effort with one goal in mind. The goal all sports teams are seeking is to have successful seasons full of wins, and record setting players. Two sports in particular seem to have much alike, but when breaking them down it is easy to see how different they truly are. These two sports are football and soccer. Both sports being famous around the world with huge fan bases makes them target to be compared. The similarities these sports have are few to none considering that the differences override the amount of the similarities they have. The starting point for the similarities these two sports have has to be the amount of players they consist of during play. Both sports consist of eleven players on the field at a time competing. In addition to the eleven players on the field the coaching system is similar for both. They both consist of a head coach as well as position coaches. Position coaches essentially coach he different types of players the team is made up of(defensive as well as defensive players). Seems to be these teams have much in common. This may be true…show more content…
Every sport has a different setting in which it takes places. This wouldn’t seem to be true for football and soccer they both take place in an open field of grass. The configuration of the fields however is much more different than what the eye can see. Football fields are one hundred feet long and fifty three feet wide. Meanwhile soccer fields range between one hundred to one hundred and thirty feet long, and range between fifty and one hundred feet wide. In addition to the difference in the fields of play both fields are marked differently. Football fields mark each yard and ten yard intervals as well. While soccer fields only have three marks throughout the entire

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