Food Waste Case Study

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Chapter 1: Background The director of sustainable food systems at the Waste and Resources Action program, Richard Swannell said “Food waste is a global issue, and tackling it is a priority,” food get wasted everyday in medium-and high-income countries while it is still suitable for human consumption.As indicated by a late report by UNEP and the World Resources Institute (WRI), around 33% of all food produced around the world, worth around one trillion US dollars, gets lost and wasted. In a world full of hunger, unstable food costs, social destress these numbers are more than just shocking they’re economically, environmentally and ethically outrages. The figure,from an online report ‘wasted’ below, shows food losses at each step in the supply…show more content…
naan, tortilla) - Mixed snacks Vegetable mixed meals - Melons Pasta mixed meals - Coleslaw Bread rolls/baguettes - Pizzas Rice mixed meals - Chicken portions Mixed meals - Cucumbers Bananas - Chocolates/sweets Bread loaves - Sweet corn/ corn on the cob Yoghurts/yoghurt drinks - Sausages Sandwiches - Pork…show more content…
and we must first distinguish between these

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