Essay On Food Security In India

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Challenges faced by food security act in India with respect to climate change Problems faced by Indians in production of yield in changing climate India is the country where there are many issues which are manly faced in rural areas by the rural people, and agriculture is the one of the main problem which is mainly talked about. And if we talk about impact of climate change, then into the agricultural field, the climate is the main factor for production or destruction of yield. Due to the change in climate India is constantly facing a major damage in agricultural yields, and that this damage could be extremely serious till the time adaptation to higher temperatures is not completed. Because of climate change, Indian agriculture is very much unsafe. Farmers will produce those crops which are mainly preferred by the people as they have to sell them and save some money for their livelihood for example nowadays rice and wheat are mostly preferred so the farmers mainly focus on producing wheat and rice. In India the impact of climate change is mainly suffered by farmers and rural people as they are the one who daily deal with climate change. Due to less knowledge of new technologies it…show more content…
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