The Pros And Cons Of Border Fencing

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The United States has been protected by Border Patrol since 1924. The border fencing and other things have been preventing illegal entry whether it is people, weapons, drugs & other substances. Border fencing will help even more to prevent these things from coming to the U.S. Many people are against border fencing but what people don't know is that it protects them. Border Patrol and Fencing is not only to stop illegal people from coming into the U.S but so there won’t be anymore narcotics coming in as well. Without Border fencing and border patrol the U.S would be different from what it is today. Border Patrol and Border Fencing have been going for a long time. “Mounted watchmen of the U.S. Immigration Service patrolled the border in an effort…show more content…
For example, a young girl Josseline all this girl want was to reunite with her mother in California. There was nothing wrong with wanting to be with her mother and family in California. Yet, because the border fence was it was not easy of her to come into the U.S. This caused her to get sick and no be about to continue and as it was said before she died and her brother was reunited with his mother. Josseline was not doing anything wrong but even though she tried hard and tried to survive she couldn’t. Many people like Josseline have died from trying to cross the border fence. Innocent people that do no harm to others and only try to better themselves. What fault do they have to suffer and die from dehydration, drowning, accidents, shooting and or anything else. These Border Fences prevent illegal smuggling from happening but yet again it also causes many deaths that are should not even happen. Different people that come from different place and of different age die in trying to cross the border fences, the rio grande, and even through U.S Customs Port of Entry. Yet there is a way that people can come to the U.S without having to risk one’s life. Getting a Green card can allow a person become a resident. Becoming a resident that person will get a Green Card that will let that one person come to the U.S and live and work here. Although it might take a while it will be a lot better than trying to cross the border and take the risk of may be dying. Some people may be able to make it but others don’t make it and de

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