The Pros And Cons Of Welfare Reform

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Whether it is the economy or poor life decisions, many people struggle to stand on their own two feet. Even getting a stable job is not easy at all these days, and others with jobs are still struggling financially. Many people who are struggling with the economy or those who are in need of assistance turn to the welfare programs. Now the welfare program has its ups and downs. It does help many people with some of their financial problems, and provide an amount of income and medical assistance to those who need it. The program provides scholarships as well. However, there’s that key word: need. The thing is, many people also take advantage of the welfare program. They end up ruining the opportunity for other people who are in desperate need of financial help. And this causes many problems and corruptions. This essay will discuss the disadvantages and the cons of the welfare program, and how it should be reformed. Like what was mentioned in the previous paragraph, there are people out there under the welfare program, who abuse this favor. They have the capability of actually getting a job, but choose to live off of welfare instead. This results in a cause of difficulty for the welfare programs to provide assistance due to shortages of supply and a lack of…show more content…
The population continues to grow rapidly and will affect the existing welfare programs, which are in fact, not as many as you think. Soon, welfare will end up being useless, especially when others take these privileges for granted. People have been spending the provided income for all the wrong things. Food stamps, which are supposed to be spent solely on food, are being spent on alcohol and tobacco, as well as other non food items. The coupon food stamps that are handed out at the Nutrition Assistance Program (NAP) are being exchanged to money in some of the stores here on island. All to which are

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