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With our national debt rising every year, there are many things that contribute to this debt. With the nation’s responsibility soaring into the trillions it’s setting up piles of debt for our younger generation. Lloyd Grieger and Sheldon Danziger investigated the food stamp program and discovered it started during the great depression which took place during 1939-1943 in the United States. Food stamps were known as the SNAP program which benefited thousands of families living in poverty (1601-1614). In 1961 the food stamp program began making changes and modifications it 1964 the Federal Food Stamp Act was constructed into a pedant program, even though the program was not available everywhere until 1971. Since 1971 the recipients of food stamps have increased from fourteen million to thirty-nine million in December, 2009 (1601-1614). Programs like food stamps benefits are meant for poor people; however,…show more content…
Within the first year of signing this act the government was planning on spending over fifteen million dollars for this program, in 2002 the federal funding for a new block was at a fixed base of 16.4 billion annually (“New Welfare Law Reduces Food Stamps Benefits”). This act was also going to cut back fifty billion dollars over a six year time frame, twenty plus million would be saved just from cutting back on food stamps by not allowing illegal immigrants the availability they once had before. Currently over five percent of food stamp recipients are immigrants. Immigrants are allowed to get benefits for the first five years they live here. (“New Welfare Law Reduces Food Stamps Benefits”) This could potentially be dangerous to the debt ratio because over time it will just climb in debt. This will become a problem in more way than one, and people will abuse the

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