Walt Disney Commemorative Stamp

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What comes to mind when you hear the name Walt Disney? Many people would say cartoon characters, amusement parks, and television programs, but he also did more than just create these great ideas (“Business Leader Profiles for Students”). He completely changed the world of entertainment forever. Through his ability to bring animated characters to life, Walt Disney lifted up the hearts of children and adults alike; therefore, he is deserving of a commemorative stamp. Walt Disney is deserving of a commemorative stamp because he “is the man who lifted America's spirits through the Great Depression and two World Wars” (“Authors and Artists for Young Adults”). Many Americans during the depression have lost hope in life; due to the fact that they do not have money and not enough food to take care of their family (Kaufman). So, his animated films made Americans get past their troubles and see the value of life. Moreover, during World War I and World War II, Disney not only used his films to entertain the American military but also…show more content…
Disney started out drawing cartoon characters and making soundless films, but later was the first person ever to put sound in animated films (“International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers”). Currently, sound is used in every motion picture in the twenty-first century. Other ideas Walt Disney created were his theme parks that he made come to life (“Business Leader Profiles for Students”). “Disney's vision was to interconnect all his many business ventures so that one would help the other”; in other words, going to the Disney theme parks are places that “would cause people to want to see family-oriented Disney movies” and watching Disney movies “would cause people to want to go to Disney parks”(“Business Leader Profiles for

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