Food Safety Advantages And Disadvantages

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dropped on a filthy kitchen floor and given to you anyway already offered once exposed to other customers and was refused left sitting for hours, in uncovered containers on the floor in high traffic areas prepared using utensils that have rusted or corroded or on equipment machinery that has not been properly cleaned sanitized for extended periods of time used after left sitting in walk in coolers freezers, well past the time it should have been discarded and replaced with newer fresher food left sitting in warmers way past the times in which they should have been discarded and replaced with more fresher items handled by individuals who have not washed their hands after handling touching various other unclean objects surfaces 54 55 56 , is…show more content…
57 Whenever something as delicate and as vulnerable as the we consume is available to numbers of individuals, you do have an increased potential of contamination due to exposure! And when adequate safeguards, precautions and effective instruction are not in place and to, that potential is even greater! A simple instructing patrons to “ ” really isn’t enough! But, as long as is the driving force which supersedes ‘doing the right thing’, drastic improvement within our nation’s industry will be slow or even ‘nonexistent’. [Speaking of Plates/Dishes]…Is the plate your is being served on, really ? How about the glass, cup, knife, fork, spoon and (just as importantly) the of the people handling, preparing and serving you the , at the restaurant you’ve chosen to patronize? Isn’t it important to you, to drink from a glass or cup that is free of water spots and certainly lipstick or lip-prints from a previous customer? How about being provided silverware ‘without’ remnants of the last person’s meal, still on it? Think about this and try to remember if you; have you ever been out to eat at a restaurant and... 58 you happened to notice ‘fingerprint’ swirls on your plate, saucer, bowl, glass,

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