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The return of the wolf within the United States has caused disagreements between politicians, wildlife officials, farmers, hunters, and citizens. This dispute has managed to divided our country into two groups with completely different goals. The anti-wolf group believes that wolves are dangerous and vicious predators and that should be exterminated. The opposing group that supports wolves believes that wolves are necessary to ecosystems across the world. Even though both sides feel like their opinion is right, there are advantages and disadvantages to consider from both sides. One of the most popular topics within the wolf controversy is the idea that wolves cause a sharp decline in the deer population. In reality, the number of deer wolves kill is very small compared to the number of deer that are killed by humans per year. Wolves kill approximately 16,000 deer per year, whereas 27,000 deer are hit by cars and 340,000 are shot every year (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources). Although wolves are predators, they are not dangerous towards humans. Over the past 100 years, there have only been 2 cases in North America where a wolf has killed a human. When compared to the 30 people that…show more content…
One of the biggest issues that occurred when wolves were brought back was the number of livestock that ranchers and farmers lost due to wolves. In 2011, wolves caused about $114,000 in damage in Wisconsin (Aberdeen News). Sadly, only a fraction of the owners whose livestock was killed by wolves will receive compensation. Wolves can also alter the deer population in different areas. When wolves move onto someone’s land or hunting area, the deer will leave or become less active. This is a problem for many hunters across the country, and it also affects the economy. When there are less deer, it leads to less hunters and less money going towards licenses, restaurants, and other

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