Persuasive Essay On Genetic Modified Food

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Today is a day when agriculture covers much area of the world,, people dying of hunger can still be found almost everywhere around the world. Today is a day when climate change dominates the Earth. Today is also a day when nutritious soil starts evaporating. What can people do about this? Just watch the significant ending of our planet Earth? I know that most of you would say in a very confident way, NO! But how, stop everything that can pose a threat to environment? That doesn’t sound realistic. What people need is an innovation. An innovation that is capable to fix disadvantage of the traditional plants. A new innovation just like our ancestors have done to push us into a new level of development. Currently there is technology that is able…show more content…
Though there are many controversial about this, such as people who disagree may say that genetic modified food can affect the survival of the conventional plants. But most of the genetic modified plants are genetically engineered to be unable to reproduce, which means that they are unable to affect the nature cycle. Another of the argument is that genetic modified food lacks the long term studying and may potentially threaten the safety of human beings. This may be a good argument for a conservative. Because a great technology that is able to change the world are often seen as dangerous and strange at first. But think about it, in this aspect, when Larry Page and Sergey Brin first invented Google genetic modified food have already entered the era of fast development. Either way genetic modified food may have some disadvantage however following the fast development of technology those disadvantage would be eliminated. Looking at the present, the needs and the advantage of the genetic modified food is capable of completely ignores the disadvantage of it. If people won’t be able to survive, how can they be able to push the standard of technology development into a higher

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