Food Packaging Process

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Packaging GMP are needed and practiced during the packaging process to minimize deterioration, contamination, and damage of roasted and ground Arabica Kopi-O powder. To prevent the deterioration of roasted and ground Arabica Kopi-O powder during the packaging process, the environment where packaging process carries out should be well controlled. Generally, the quality of roasted coffee will gradually decrease as time passes by. When the roasted coffee comes into contact with oxygen, light, heat and humidity, the rate of deterioration wills increase, partially because the rate of coffee lipids degrades by lipolysis and oxidation is increased. In other words, roasted coffee exposed to oxygen, light, heat and humidity change more rapidly than…show more content…
Before assembling same batch of products into a storage box, all the products should be checked to ensure all products are labeled with correct product label and bar code. According to Food Regulations 1985, food product label should contain the appropriate designation of the food or a description of the food containing the common name of its principal ingredients; appropriate designation of each of the ingredients in descending order of proportion by weight; a statement of the minimum net weight of the package; the name and business address of the manufacturer or packer, or the owner of the rights of manufacture or packing or the agent any of them; expiry date; storage conditions; nutrition labeling; recipe or serving suggestion; and other important information on label. Besides that, since the products are produced, prepared and packaged in Malaysia, it should label in Bahasa…show more content…
By applying the just-in-time basis, deterioration of finished products in storage is effectively reduced and thereby disposal of damaged, expired end products that are not sold within a reasonable time period is reduced. Besides, low inventories can facilitate the quality control of the end products as the products needed to monitor and check by the staff are controllable. Therefore, manufacturing operators should follow a demand pull approach that produces products in quantities that are needed and at time when they are required instead of supply pull approach that produces products more than

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