Woven Polypropylene Case Study

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Is woven polypropylene suitable for packaging use? Polymer melt index Density (gr/ml) LDPE (Low Density) 0.2-20.0 0.916-0.930 HDPE (High Density) 0.2-25.0 0.950-0.960 Polypropylene 0.2-50.0 0.910-0.928 High Melt Index with low Density Properties of woven polypropylene bags • Non-Toxic :- it is not dangers product and it is not harmful to who will use it • Non-Staining :- it is not staining and it is reusable • 100% reusable and durable : it is 100% reusable and the product u can take any where • Easy to clean and anti-bacterial :- it is easy to clean and it is harmless to human beings and it is free from bacteria • Light in weight with low density :- it is light weight…show more content…
And the higher side of huge demand rising. In visualizing the further demand and market and the need to explore in a greater form it enriched varieties in production and also by providing all types of woven fabrics under one umbrella, the company decided to make a third substantial expansion by setting up a new unit at Maddur, KIADB Indl. Area for the production and sale of Woven Fabrics successfully accomplished the project in its planned shape and form by adding additional products such as HM/LLDPE Liners, CaCo3 Master batch/Additives and HDPE Stitching Yarn, PP Box Strapping, HM/HDPE Grocery Film Rolls and HM/HDPE Carry Bag Film Rolls etc.The company also went into backward integration by commissioning a compounding plant required mainly in its in-house consumption simultaneously achieved the object of self-reliance. The company has to achieve zero wastage in production and Woven Fabric/Sack product company has achieved the study stage of 700 Crore turnover and still looking ahead the company has adopted world class Austrian Machine which is unique in kind, in the reprocessing of plastic waste into usable RP Granules which also achieves its fulfillment to its commitment towards environment. The company providing good employment

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