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Food in Kenya: The Kenyan staple crop is cassava, which was bought in this country by the Portuguese in 1496. Kenyan food shows distinct life styles of different groups in this country. In Massai tribe, people who catch cattle as their food. They also enjoy simple foods. The Kikuyu and Gikuyu people grow corns, potatoes, and greens. Western people do their fishing, eat rice, vegetable dishes. Communication and the press Kenya has 10 kinds of newspapers and more than 15 television stations.(Sept. 2016) It has 2 independent national newspaper : the Daily Nation , the Standard. It also has more than 90 FM stations. It uses Swahili and English as their formal languages. Internet: All Kenyan media houses use Internet to convey their news. Furthermore,…show more content…
The coffee has a taste of fruit and flower. Kenyan coffee controlled by private market. About 55% coffee is managed by single person. The coffee board of Kenya is the top level of the coffee industry. Each year, one million bags of coffee are produced. Kenyans take care of coffee as their lover. Labor and career decisions: 75% people are farmers. Housing: Farmers' houses are private. The central government works closely with the local companies to deal with people's houses. Because some houses made of traditional materials can be easily broken up. Some of the people do not have houses; they are keep moving to find a better live and food. According to a report, every year, the shortage of housing in Kenya is 20 million. (2015) Urbanization, population growth, poverty and Under-investment are the major problems of housing. 34% percent of Kenyans income is used to pay for rent of housing. The cost of Housing is high. This cost should be adjusted. (2015) Land and property ownership: Land: Because of cheap labor force, special climate and enough sunshine, Kenyan agriculture is popular. Coffee, bananas and other tropical fruits and flowers are widely produced by private companies. Kenya has abundant mineral products, like gold, silver, Barite, Fluorite. Lake Magadi has natural salt and alkali

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