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10 Stylish Things That Are A Must have In Every Guy's Wardrobe Everyone has a wardrobe which is suitably stocked. We generally tend to use the apparel and accessories that are our favourites more than the others. Yet at times, when occasions so demand, it becomes annoying to acknowledge that you have neglected your wardrobe. How could I not have acquired that? We are talking about the ten stylish things that a guy must have in his wardrobe. The style statement that we want make will usually depend on the event or occasion that we have to attend. Here are ten things that will help you feel dresser for the outing. Formal Shirts Most of the shirts that we buy are made on the spur of the moment. Appealing floral and checks designs are easy buying…show more content…
A good looking wrist watch is another means of creating an impression. One wrist watch is therefore essential in the wardrobe of a guy. Shun flashy wrist watches and opt for a rather plain one with a classy look. Spending a bit more on buying a good watch is money well spent. Pants Another must in the wardrobe are pants that fit well. Wearing a good pair of pants does much to enhance one’s personality. When choosing, go for the darker shades like black and deep blue. Make sure that the pants are not too long at the heel. About three-fourths of an inch are enough of a fold. Longer folds give a sloppy appearance. A couple of pairs of formal trousers make a nice addition to your apparel inventory. Jeans Over the past few decades, jeans have evolved a lot as men’s wear. Today they are an acceptable wear even to not so formal occasions. Another advantage that jeans have is that they are the go-to option in case of an indecision on what combination dress to wear. The addition of two or three pairs of jeans to the wardrobe is a must. Dark blue and black denim are a good choice of colours for. They match with almost any shirt or tee shirt, and even any

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