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III. The government needs to implement compulsory military training for Filipino Men. Our country is facing national security issues and we need a stronger and more powerful force to address the issues immediately. We have interviewed SPO2 Theodore Rivera and he stated that the forces of AFP is only 175,000 while for PNP, it is only 150,000 . Our population is 101,802,706 (as of 2015) and there are only 375,000 who will defend our country. If we add qualified Filipino men starting at ages 18-30 to our military force, Will it be much better to have a stronger military force and by that it would makes us feel safe and be safe? A. A person should be fit to be a part of the Philippine military force. Military training is crucial and intense. It is important that the Filipino people would ready themselves from the military training we will be having. Although we will be making it compulsory to all Filipino…show more content…
The training should not exceed for 2 years and the interval is 2 years per service. The Filipino men fitted for training should be enlisted 3 days before the start of training. They would have a choice whether they would postpone it for different kinds of reasons (personal, health and family reasons etc.) as long as they would start at ages 18-30. Filipino men cannot travel outside the country once the military training has started and if it is not yet complete. Once compulsory military training has started, Filipinos cannot travel to prevent from escaping their military service and refraining from completing the required military training. They must obtain an overseas permit with a given amount of time when to return to our country. If exceeded from the given amount of time, then it is possible that they would be arrested once they have entered the territories of the Philippines for incompliance of the required military

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