Charles Siebert's 'Rewilding The World'

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Elephants have historically been peaceful creatures who only attack humans when provoked, but recently there have been instances of elephants attacking without any provocation. Charles Siebert brought light to this problem in “An Elephant Crackup?” There are multiple theories as to why this is occurring and how to prevent it from continuing. In “Rewilding The World” Caroline Fraser suggests a theory that would help all animals, called the “corridor theory”, which would involve connecting reserved land together to allow animals to move more freely. The “corridor theory” would not be very effective in solving the elephant aggression problems because the elephants may be hesitant to use the corridors and it does not address the trauma many young elephants are experiencing as a result…show more content…
Siebert explains that in Africa, India, and Southeast Asia, and even some zoos, there have been numerous incidences of elephants acting out. The elephants have destroyed crops, killed individual people, and even gone as far as destroying entire villages. After a recent elephant rampage in the village of Kyambura, people were constantly afraid of another attack “a long orange gash… to keep the elephants at bay… it was filled with stacks of thorny shrubs for good measure.” He says that the increased aggression is not just affecting humans, but animals as well. There have been countless instances of young male elephants raping and murdering rhinos. There are two case studies that attempt to understand exactly what is causing this outburst. In “Elephant Breakdown” Bradshaw, Schore, Brown, Poole, and Moss attempt to better understand this problem and in addition Slotow, Dyk, Poole, Page, and Klocke analyze the elephants who act violently in “Older Bull Elephants Control Young Males”. The aggression only seems to be increasing and therefore something needs to be done in order to prevent further destruction in the

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