Five Components Of Emotional Intelligence

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In his article, Goleman argued that emotional intelligence is just as important, if not more important than intellectual intelligence and technical capabilities for a successful business leader. As a result of his research, Goleman concluded, “emotional intelligence proved to be twice as important as the others for jobs at all levels.” (Goleman, 1998) Goleman’s research was conducted over a period of years and across more than 100 international businesses. In defending his position, Goleman identified The Five Components of Emotional Intelligence at Work. (Goleman, 1998) The first three components: self-awareness, self-regulation and motivation, are internal to the leader. Self-awareness is being aware of your own strengths and weaknesses.…show more content…
Any employee may exemplify thought leadership by suggesting a better way to do something because he or she understands the technical aspects required. Or, an individual outside of the organization may have a better way of conducting business. Credibility is key. Individuals build credibility in the solution based on their understanding of the issue. This credibility changes the way business is done. In thought leadership, only the suggested solution needs to be identified. Implementation is not part of thought…show more content…
This was having a negative impact on taking cases to trial because certain expert witnesses expected to be paid immediately after trial, and we were not able to accommodate those witnesses. Our current process was to submit the required documentation to the local finance office, which would process the paperwork within 10 business days. Then, the local finance office would submit the paperwork to a regional center for payment, which would take another 10 business days to make payment. When I learned of this issue, I suggested that our office submit to the local and regional finance offices at the same time so that the processes could run concurrently, instead of linear. My boss was very open to suggestions to improve processes. While I came up with the initial idea, I was not part of the team that developed the action plan to make it happen. Emotional intelligence on the part of my boss provided a work culture that enabled thought leadership. In this case, thought leadership resulted in more timely witness

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