First Generation College Student Research Paper

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As a first generation college student I’ve had to be daring, hardworking, persistent, a perfectionist, and have some optimism. Out of all those traits if I could pass one down to another first generation student it would be persistence. What I mean by persistence is never giving up. Being persistent consists of overcoming any difficult situation and always looking for new opportunities. Deciding to attend college was a very difficult choice for me because it just seemed impossible. It seemed impossible because I knew of no one who had attended college. Actually the whole idea of people going to college sort seemed like a myth at one point in my life. My parents were born and raised in El Salvador and their highest level of education was ninth…show more content…
The first university I applied too wait listed me and that didn’t stop me from applying to others. Unfortunately financial aid did not cover my full tuition; therefore I set out to find scholarships. I have learned that life wont always work in your favor but you have to find your way around. I guess being persistent is a trait all human being should have but I believe it is a necessity for all first generation college students. As first generation students we lack a support system. What I mean by that is we have to figure it all out on our own from applying to college, to financial aid, to actually being in college. There is on one I can go to in my family and say I am having trouble with this or this because they simply don’t understand. Thankfully my family has been very supportive but I am still the one that has to motivate myself, because they never even expected me coming to college. Working hard is obviously important but if you easily get discouraged and you don’t have anyone to turn too what happens next? That’s why I say that persistence is the one trait you need to succeed in college as a first generation

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