An Essay: The Death Of Ivan Ilych

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“AHHHHHHH” “An Essay on Why Ivan Cried Out for Three Days” The novel The Death of Ivan Ilych wasn’t the story I imagined when I first started reading it. I thought it would just be people who knew him and would have events happening to them around Ivan’s Death. This man Ivan, from Russia had done a lot to make it where got in life. He starts with his job as a Lawyer and things to fall apart in his life after his wife Praskovya becomes pregnant. He is a man who adheres to his work to escape from his home life. In this text, Ivan howls for three days and I believe the three major reasons for his howling is he is in great pain and he has realized that not many people are there for him, he can't escape the inevitable that he is going to die, and he is regretting how he lived his life.…show more content…
He gets very lonely and only seeks the comfort of a servant boy, because he feels his family doesn’t care. I mean the guy’s wife who should be right by his side the entire time, is absent. Even if the two hated each other, they still should’ve made an effort. We figure out what kind of person she is in the beginning of the book. Praskovya wants to speak with Peter at Ivan’s funeral. “She again began talking and brought out what was evidently her chief concern with him -- namely, to question him as to how she could obtain a grant of money from the government on the occasion of her husband's death.” Her intentions are pretty self-explanatory. She does not feel anything about the death of her husband and all she could think about was his money. Ivan soon realized he had no one when he was reaching death and so that was one reason that caused him to scream for three

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