Jonathan Harker's Interpretation Of Dracula

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Jonathan Harker a solicitor (lawyer) who travels from England to Transylvania to take care of a real estate transaction with Count Dracula who’s purchasing a property in England. During his journey he does not take the villagers warnings seriously and after a couple of days he realizes he’s being held captive in the castle. Harker becomes suspicious when he discovers there are no servants in the castle and finds out about Dracula’s supernatural abilities when he sees him crawling down the wall. When he tries to escape, he falls asleep in a different room where he is seduced by the three vampire sisters. When he finally gets out he gets a brain fever and spends time recuperating at a convent. During this time, Lucy, Mina’s best friend, is…show more content…
The movie’s adaptation is also very close to the book as we see Harker’s excitement while on his journey. The castle also represents the same dark and lonely elements which successfully represent a Gothic setting as in the book. There are shadows on the walls behind Dracula which seem like they have a mind of their own; this showed me Dracula’s control over the environment and shows the audience that he is someone to be afraid of. The background in the beginning of the movie where he renounces God and drinks the blood from the cross he stabbed shows the eternally damned life he chooses. Through renouncing God he sides with Satan which leads you to torture instead of the rewards one receives through Christian salvation. The ease with which Dracula transports himself to Victorian England is also shown where there is a horrible storm over the seas and he still arrives intact. Mina doesn’t show her sexually repressed side in this adaptation until she remembers her past in another time while she does play the part of a perfect Victorian woman. She talks about being there for her fiancé and is very innocent to the world while she doesn’t show the audience even a slip of sexuality willing to burst out; the perfect model for the Victorian era. After turning into a vampire but not fully she openly flaunts her sexuality in front of men even Van Helsing gets lured in as well until she’s about to bite him. These examples express the dynamic between what was seen as good and evil; the dark/evil side made Lucy and Mina into women who flaunted themselves as women who have sex with multiple

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