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“In the Heights” by Lin-Manuel Miranda is an up-tempo, slice of life musical, which style draws on Latin music influences as well as the modern styles of hip-hop and rap. The genre of the story could be classified as realistic fiction. The events in the story could happen in real life but the characters are made up to tell the story. The musical gives you a look into the daily life of the working class immigrant. The genre and style of the play allow us to understand, and appreciate the themes of immigration, struggles of the working class, the trials and tribulations of first generation college students, community and family as seen throughout the show. Immigration is a key theme in this musical. A majority of the characters are immigrants from places such as the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Puerto Rico. The style of music…show more content…
Both the Latino style, and realistic genre show the difficulties of a first generation college student. Nina is a first generation college student, who struggles with paying for school, and balancing a job. She then has to drop out of school to keep up with the job. This is disappointing because she is the first in her family and the community to go to college. The musical shows the struggles of being in the real world, and struggling to receive an education. Not only does she struggle with the financial responsibility but also with the hardship of telling her parents. Her parents are determined to keep her educated, and will do everything in their power to help her. The struggle of being the first child to attend college is represented by the realistic genre, and Latino influence. The strong family connection of never giving up is also represented by the Latino style. This is a situation many first generation college students struggle with, and it is even more common for immigrants, such as those of the Latino

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