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Am I Blue by Beth Henley This essay will analyze the one-act play of “Am I Blue” by Beth Henley. This comedy genre one-act play was written in 1972 and was first produced in December 1981. The aim of this commentary writing is to analyze the comedy script “Am I Blue” and fullfil one of Exploring Drama assignment. The analysis of characters in the play will become the focus of this essay. Am I Blue tells about the problems that have to be faced by two teenagers named Ashbe and John Polk. The general issue that is raised in this play is about the adjustments of the adolescents to their adult world. This issue is a common problem that will be faced by teenagers around the world. The teenagers usually will be faced with something that they have to choose and decide, feeling want to be accepted in a society or a group, and they are also have an unstable emotion while handle those problems. This play shows a contrast character between a seventeen years old boy named John Polk, and a sixteen years old girl named Ashbe Williams. In the play, John Polk is described as a teenager who has a problem with society around him, and he does not have a true friends. These problems leads him to do things which…show more content…
Most teenagers have difficulty to adjusting their life to adult world. They try to be accepted by a society by do a challenging things. This play shows that John decide to go to a strip club in order to be accepted by a group. This thing reflects that most of teenagers are willing to do something in order to be accepted in a society or a group although they do not actually want to do it. In contrast with John, Ashbe enjoying her life and accept everything that she has. She do not follow the others in her school and shows herself as someone who does not want to be the like the other girls. She enjoy her loneliness although she actually in a difficult situation. Ashbe does not have many friends and her parents are

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