Student Services Division Case Study

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Developing a student services division in the twenty-first century requires an ability to address the whole student. In other words, the Student Services Division should focus on student learning, student success, and the institution’s accountability to a student’s personal needs (Schuh, Jones, Harper, and Associates, 2011). In the early years of higher education, college presidents and faculty members were authorize to act in “loco parentis” (e.g., Latin for in place of a parent). They “were not only charged with achieving the academic mission of their college but also expected to manage the seemingly inconsequential at the time social, athletic, and co-curricular lives of students” (Schuh, Jones, Harper, and Associates, 2011, p. 61).…show more content…
For example, Sandhills Community College’s Mission is “to provide educational opportunities of the highest quality to all the people of the Sandhills.” In addition to the mission statement, SCC honor their core values of integrity, helpfulness, excellence, respect and opportunity (, 2015). Moreover, a copy of SCC Student Services Division Mission Statement is on the desk of every student services employee at the college. It states “to support, serve, and teach the students, colleagues, and community of Sandhills Community College. It is directly aligned with the mission statement of the college. According to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) Standard 2.10, Perseverance Community College will have to ensure that the services that the college is providing (e.g. support service programs and activities) are intended to promote student learning, and improve the development of its students. It has to be consistent with the mission of the college. Furthermore, when developing a mission statement for each major student…show more content…
PCC Admission Department Mission Statement. The Perseverance Community College’s admissions mission is to recruit, admit and service all students, regionally, nationally, and internationally. It embraces the college’s commitment to attain the quality of students, who with assistance are able to matriculate and graduate from a certification, diploma or associate degree program. The Admission’s Office also maintains the integrity of the admissions process, through multiple recruitment strategies. The office of admissions ensures that all students have access to success. PCC Financial Aid Department Mission Statement. Perseverance Community College’s Financial Aid Department projects a positive image of the college by providing courteous and professional service. Each student is treated with dignity and respect. Financial aid services of the college are provided in an ethical and professional manner with a focus on financial empowerment and students’

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