First Day Shadowing

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Reflection #1 What My first day shadowing on F5 at Juravinski was with a nurse named Gary, who had eight patients, four of which were on contact precaution. I felt Gary was genuinely helpful and patient, he was willing to slow down his morning routine in order to show me how to organize my own day when I have my patients. While Gary was performing personal care to his patients I noticed that he was tossing the soiled towels, feces covered washcloths and briefs on the floor until finished at the bedside and ready to move on to the next patient. Catching sight of the feces covered cloth on the floor struck me as one of those gut-wrenching moments when the voice in the back of my head was saying “this can’t be right, can it?” Later in the hallway I noticed two nurses whispering to each other about Gary. Although I overheard his name that was the only part that I heard…show more content…
In level one I learned that the soiled items belong into the dirty bin when I’m done with them; however, it wasn’t until I was working in a room and found the bin tucked away in the bathroom out of reach that it occurred to me that I must get used to moving equipment around in the room to suit my needs and provide me with the space and item that I need to perform my job safely and properly. In the future if I were to observe a nurse tossing the soiled linens on the floor I would wheel the dirty bin over for them as a way to help and to provide a gentle reminder of the proper procedure. From this day forward I will always remember to wipe the bottoms of my shoes with the disinfectant wipes before heading home and always carrying my shoes in a separate bag when I change to leave for home at

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