How To Be A Chartered Accountant Essay

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Terrance Ford 11J Career Choice: Chartered Accountant Person Shadowed: Beverley Ford Date Shadowing took place: 16 August At: Formax Pty(Ltd) Kyalami Reason For Job Shadowing Beverley Ford who is a creditors clerk In order to qualify as a chartered accountant one spends 3 years after post graduate studies clerking also known as article. During this time I would be doing the work that Beverley Ford Does for the 3 years and it is likely the same work that will be done once qualified. Work Enviroment The environment is a formal, serioius, stressful,open door policy enviroment and professional environment. Do you like the work environment? Yes I do because the environment is quiet and I work best in calm enviroments. I also like the fact that the environment is serious as…show more content…
For a creditors clerk/accountant doing articles advancement can only happen if one furthers their education if a Clerking accountant has a Bcom and post graduate studies and is registered as a Chartered Accountant Advancement and promotions are common. One a Chartered Accountant one can advance from being a creditors clerk to a Accountant to Group Accountant to Financial Manager to Chief financial Officer to being a Director in a Company. Once A chartered accountant the possibilities are endless. Self Fulfilment in this job? Yes one can obtain self fulfillment in being a creditors clerk/trainee accountant as you realize that without your skills the company would not be able to prepare accurate financial statement without them. How and where do you start? In order to become a Chartered Accountant one must fist study A Bcom Accounting or similar degree at a University. After which a one year post graduate course is done in Accounting. After which one will began articles or clerking. Clerking happens for 3 years and once completed one must write a test with the South African Institute Of Chartered Accountant in order to be called A Chartered

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