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Last year in Advanced Placement Biology, we were tasked to job shadow someone in a professional field that we might be interested in. I was pondering who to I wished to job shadow my old Scoutmaster texted me about a camping trip. Shaun Christenson, owns his own dental practice. I asked him I would be able to shadow him, and he accepted. Job shadowing him was probably one of the most fascinating things I’ve seen in a professional career and I wanted to discover more about dentistry. My job shadow of a dentist led to the exploration of the history of dentistry, the downfalls and perks to being a dentist, the educational requirements of becoming a dentist, and future of dentistry. While shadowing, I saw some amazing things. Dr. Christenson…show more content…
This earns him the credit of being the father of modern dentistry, because “his book was the first to describe a comprehensive system for the practice of dentistry including basic oral anatomy and function, operative and restorative techniques, and denture construction” ("History of Dentistry"). Fauchards’ book launched a revolution in the way dentistry was practiced, and moved dentistry away from the old, ancient way, into new style of dentistry which was practiced during the late eighteenth century, nineteenth century, and most all of the twentieth…show more content…
Within the first ten years of the century, Charles Land devised the porcelain jacket crown, Alfred Einhorn formulated a local anesthetic, marketed under the name of Novocain, which is still used today, and William Taggart creates a “lost wax” casting machine, allowing dentists to make precise cast fillings ("History of Dentistry"). In 1937, Alvin Strock used the first Vitallium - the first successful biocompatible metal, developed a year earlier by Charles Venable - dental screw implant ("History of Dentistry"). The next year, the nylon toothbrush appeared on the market ("History of Dentistry"). In 1960, lasers were developed and approved for work on soft tissue, including treatment of periodontal disease, and the first commercial electric toothbrush was developed in Switzerland, with a cordless, rechargeable model to follow the next year ("History of Dentistry"). Dentistry is no simple profession and has taken years to get where it is, causing dental safety and ease of procedure to increase vitality of teeth. Yet dentistry is not just about technology and treating patients, as Dr. Shaun Christenson showed

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