Financial Aid Appeal Case Study

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Dear Mr. Michael E Hunter, or the staff of the Office of Financial Aid: I am Anthony Bloom. My son, Benjamin Bloom, is beginning his sophomore year at UW-Platteville. Ben was notified that he did not qualify for Federal student financial aid due to his credits earned vs. credits attempted ratio and his cumulative grade point average. If permitted to do so, I wish to comment on his behalf, regarding his appeal. I do so not as a parent attempting to meddle in his adult son’s adult affairs, but rather as a co-investor financially in his education. For lack of a better description, I am acting as a family business partner in Ben’s educational venture. I am not sure if you are aware of Ben’s situation upon entering college and his successful…show more content…
She believes that he would have had to have essentially earned a B+ in every class this past semester to have obtained 2.0 GPA. In her analysis, a student in Ben’s situation reaching a B+ or better average in one term was theoretically possible, but was not very likely; particularly given the hurdles faced in completely adapting study strategies and tactics, while readjusting back to a medication regiment. She said for a student to have jumped that far up the grade scale in one semester would have been “more than amazing.” Karen also determined that Ben’s successful completion of this term should also put him over the 2.0 GPA requirements. I am no expert on the educational system or the Department of Education’s policies on Aid. But as I researched this situation and talked to people more in the know, it seems to be some commonality as to why the standards are in place. The idea seems to revolve around not wanting students on a failing path to keep receiving money and accumulating debt when the eventual outcome for that student’s college future seems grim and…show more content…
In doing so, I pray that you may see it proper to allow him whatever waivers are possible so that he can qualify for Federal Financial Student Aid. Such aid is imperative for Ben’s financial ability to manage and continue his college education. Despite working Full Time and Overtime 6 days a week the past two summers at a local meat packaging business at a relatively good wage, he still could only raise a small portion of the amount he needs. Ben had been asked to apply for an additional internship at a local interstate programing and tax calculating business (an offer that I understand is very rare for Freshman students), but due to budget cuts was not created this

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