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Embracing Your Purpose: A Profile of Christy Kern “On a dark cool rainy night in the wee hours of the morning after attending a Tim McGraw concert at Tin Hall, I was accompanied by a volunteer fire fighter as we rolled up upon the scene of a gruesome car accident involving two cars,” Christy recalls. As a bystander, she could sense the horror and yet felt the excitement at the same time. The event flashed before her eyes as she watched various uniformed personnel hurrying, carrying medical supplies. The volunteer Emergency Medical Technicians hands moved quickly as they worked to assess the injured victims. All at once without warning came a fierce gust of wind and the roar of chopper blades cutting through the air. “The brightest spot…show more content…
You see, Christy’s determination was the biggest case of determination she had ever known. Christy came from a broken home as an only child, raised primarily by her mother. She was from a large family from which no one had ever graduated from high school and definitely never from college, so as she finds herself boasting over her accomplishments, approximately five or six years have now passed. The twist on her story is that during the entire preceding events she was a single mother. Christy started taking basic college courses when her son was at the age of one. She was able to juggle many responsibilities as a mother, student, and employee by planning her calendar very carefully. Even though her immediate family was not living nearby during this time they always cheered her on every chance they had. Christy and her son attended church on Sundays and they had created one of the best networks of friendships she had ever known. She was so blessed to have friends who would care for her son on the weekends while she worked, randomly provided services to keep her old small sick car running, blessings of food during difficult times, and even an abundance of Santa gifts during the holidays. This network of amazing individuals pulled together many weekends and holidays to welcome her young son warmly into their…show more content…
She constantly stayed very, very busy and time was allotted for every single responsibility of the day including sleep, eating, cooking, shopping, and homework and studying. There was absolutely no time to spare and not time to be wasted. Christy had made meal plans that included cooked pots of spaghetti, stew, and soup that could last up to 2-3 meals and lunches consisted of sandwiches, chips, and fruit. During this time, all of her courses attended were in person Monday- Friday from 8am -5pm, and she had to drive to work every weekend about 10 miles from home. Christy always surrounded herself with others who were successful in their careers. Many RN’s who were coworkers encouraged her as she pursued her education. She never allowed her work to interfere with her studies because she wanted to portray a professional demeanor while at work at all times. Christy very carefully stuck with her organized schedule, she allotted about 6 hours of sleep a day because most nights she did home work after her son went to bed until about

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