Mrs. Volupides Case Study

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On October 13, 1982, Mrs. Volupides reported the death of her husband. We arrived at the Volupides residence at 1:15 AM. At the scene Mr. Volupides top half of his body was on the floor and his bottom half was on the stairs, he also had a glass in his left hand and there was food cooking in the kitchen. Mr. Volupides was also wearing a suit. A neighbor reported, that earlier, Mrs Volupides, had a fight with her husband and sped away in her mustang. Mrs. Volupides states that after she left she went straight to the Country Club for the party that was going on. Mrs. Volupides stated that she left the club a little before 1:00 AM to meet her friends at her house. But that she left 10 minutes before her friends to be able to greet them there.

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