Compare And Contrast Han China And Rome

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The Han and Roman Empires are considered some of the most vast and notable empires in world history. The reasons for the stability of the Roman and Han Empires vastly differed due to their starkly different belief systems and methods of administration. However, the rise of both empires were marked by violent warfare and subsequent stability while the fall of both can be attributed to decentralization, although some vital differences exist due to geographic disparities between the two empires among other reasons. To begin, each empire rose to greatness through intensely fought wars. In the Roman Republic, numerous regional wars were being fought including the Punic Wars with the Carthage and the Macedonian Wars with the Greeks. Following both of these wars, Rome gained greater control over the Mediterranean coast of Italy, Greece, Spain, and Northern Africa. Similarly, Han China came to power after the overthrow of the violent, totalitarian rule of the Qin dynasty. After both empires conquered their enemies, they remained stable for several hundred years.…show more content…
Early on in Rome's history, it was a budding, prosperous Republic. This quickly changed after the assassination of Julius Caesar, which resulted in the violent, rapid creation of an Empire and its expansion outwards. The military might of the Empire allowed it to gain total hegemony over the Mediterranean region. Han China differs in that its stability was more peaceful and focused upon the manipulation of the beliefs among the Chinese people. The Mandate of Heaven and the practice of ancestor worship allowed the rule and expansion of Han China to expand more freely and peacefully than that of the military conquest of

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