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All art is quite useless. There has been an ongoing debate about wether or not art is useless. In his “Preface” Oscar Wilde states that “all art is quite useless”. There is no doubt that Wilde is one of the greatest playwrights of all time and that his works are known in the whole word, however, when it comes to this one specific aphorism of his I couldn’t disagree more. In my opinion, art plays a crucial role in any human existence: from the first second of our lives on until the very last and even beyond that. But let us start from the very beginning, from the true core of every single society, from the leaders of tomorrow: I’m talking about children. Art and creative education prepare children for the future. It teaches them to be open-minded, curious, passionate and creative in their own ways - traits that are nowadays requested in basically every career path. If already the youngest among us learn how to be creative, and art is the means to the end here, the quality not only of local, but global communities will be improved significantly. Apart from being creative and original, art is able to teach us way more: it implicates risk taking and being open to different possibilities. Further it shows us, that there are always many different solutions and answers to one single problem. In this means, art shows us, that there are no wrong answers…show more content…
Imagine a world without art, without all these things. It would be grey and boring and dead. There would be no bands, no singers we could listen to, no authors, no books we could read, no shows, no TV we could watch. What kind of life would that be?! I believe that nowadays we would not be able to live a life, which is deprived of art, just as some teens could not imagine managing their everyday-life without their smart phones and smart watches, (which technically are also some forms of

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