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Panic free speaking Slide 1 The white shining of the lights was focusing directly at his face. The room was full and uncomfortable, the only thing he could hear was his own heart beating … it was going faster and faster...people staring at him. They're peaceful and friendly but for him it was a threat... Suddenly his mind was blocked! His mouth got completely dried. His legs getting weak and tremble and his heart going as fast as Tesla running 300km/h in a highway... His worst nightmare was happening… He was suffering a PANIC STAGE ATTACK or stage fright how it’s known. Slide 2 Well, I would like to introduce myself … I’m Roberta, an English student, and as many of you, I’m preparing myself for the Languages Exams. From my point of view, the biggest challenge we have as applicants for these kinds of exams, is the Speaking…show more content…
“The voice can start a war or say I LOVE YOU”, how Julian Treasure said in a speech at TedGlobal in 2013. Keep in mind the followed suggestions: 1.• Arrive early. Oh yeahhhh! Punctuality is a strength! Moreover arriving early, will allow you to have enough time to get acquainted with the stage or examination area, and to take a look on your notes, review some point and also relax with mindfulness’ exercises. 2.• Test your gun… please, don’t take it literally! What I meant is, if you are going to use a PowerPoint presentation, try it before your speech. If you are going to an exam, be sure your pens are working… asking to a strange for a pen could represent a stress for some people. If you need papers for spider grams, be sure to bring them too. 3.• I might advise you to wear a watch for the exam, for example. I don’t think we’ll be allowed to have our mobile on the table. So timing yourself will allow you to be more confident. 4.• In the speech or in the speaking exam, if it is suitable, use quotes stories or anecdotes. They will help reinforce your message and entertain the

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