Persuasive Speech About Latino Americans

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Another topic that is often mentioned when speaking about Latinos is the topic of immigration. “Immigration policy and undocumented residents are both critical aspects for the field of public administration” (Carrizales 7). When there is a topic on the news about Latinos majority of the time it involves the immigration policy. Therefore, this leads to the belief that all Latinos in the United States are undocumented and are in the U.S illegally. This is an example of how Latinos are misrepresented in the media because it is labeling all Latinos as illegal immigrants which is not true. According to Pew Research Center, only 5.6 million Latinos in the United States are undocumented from the given total of 54 million in the nation. “The language…show more content…
As a result of this, the Homeland Security Act was created which stated that this act would prevent terrorist from attacks in the United States and assist in the recovery of any attacks the United States endured from terrorist. “Heightened sensitivity to group-based threats post-9/11 coupled with widespread antipathy towards Latinos based on the perceptions the group violates traditional American values” (Branton, Cassese, Jones and Westerland 664). Not only were Muslims being investigated, but Latinos as well. Due to Latinos not following the traditional American values, as seen in the eyes of the Caucasians, Latinos were targeted as being terrorists. In the months following the September 11 attacks, the media made it clear to all American people to keep their eye out on all minority race groups. This instilled as sense of fear upon many people because they believed that Latinos were dangerous people. This eventually led to the misrepresentation of Latinos in the film…show more content…
“In addition to recognizing the differences in country of origin, there are also significant differences among individuals form the same country” (Carrizales 7). In the news, films and television, Latinos are classified into one single group without giving any consideration to the fact that Latinos are from different parts of Latin America. “Hispanics have originated from more than 20 countries” (O’Hara 6). With that being said, Latin America consists of countries such as Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia and Chile. It is important for the media to recognize that the Latino population consists of different cultures and traditions. The media is classifying Latinos as being all the same without giving any consideration to how Latinos feel. Even people who are from the same country, such as Mexico, can be very different because each country consists of very distinct cities. Latinos are also portrayed in negative ways in films and

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