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Social Anxiety Social anxiety is one of the biggest (most common?) forms of anxiety and it is rapidly growing, especially amongst college aged students. Social anxiety is a phobia that impacts how a person will act in certain social situations. A person with this disorder tends to fear social settings, shuts people out, and dislikes public speaking. They over analyze every social situation and worry about what could go wrong. Individuals with social anxiety are more likely to become; alcoholics, drug users, pregnant at a young age, have low self-esteem, depressed, and have suicide tendencies. By overcoming their social anxiety early on, it decreases the chances of self-destructive behavior. Social circumstances that can trigger this…show more content…
Behavioral modifications steps would be to start out with simple tasks. For example, going to a small social event and bring a friend with a long for support. At the event the individual overcoming their fear should try to meet at least one person they do not know. After doing this several times, the person will become more comfortable talking to new people. The positive reinforcement aspect in this situation is the person will gain new friends and maybe asked to more events. The other common phobia is public speaking and if the person begins to participate in speaking in front of others, they can earn better grades in school or maybe get promoted in their…show more content…
Next, they need to pay attention to their friends instead of thinking about all the negative things that could go wrong. Many times when a person has anxiety they will start to hyperventilate. When individuals with social anxiety are with a group of people and they have to talk, their breathing becomes heavy and rapid, which adds to their anxiety. When they feel their anxiety coming on, the person will have to work on keeping their breathing steady. This is why it is beneficial to practice breathing slowly and steady. Most of all, the person should practice branching out and meeting new people. Going to a social gathering with a friend is fine, but they must try to meet at least one new person. At the beginning meeting new people will be a challenge, but with practice this will become natural, and eventually they will overcome their social anxiety. How long would it take to replace this behavior with a better one? Depending on the individual and deep the anxiety is will predicate how long it will take to overcome their social anxiety. In some cases, group therapy can result in behavioral changes in approximately 8 weeks. Results can occur sooner, depending on how to determine the person is to overcome their fear. Would using punishment be a better alternative to changing this

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