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Bella Swan : She is seventeen years old. Her father is Charlie Swan and her mother is Renée Dwyer. She lives in her father's home in Forks. She meets the Cullen family and falls in love with Edward Cullen who is an immortal vampire. She is beautiful and attractive. She has got straight, brown hair and brown eyes. She is light skinned, she hates the sun. She is shy and self conscious. Her body is delicate. Her nickname is 'Sheep'. Jacob Black: Jacob is Bella's childhood friend. He is a werewolf. With time, he develops a crush on her and falls in love with Bella after Edward's unexpected leaving. But Bella sees him as a old friend. Jacob and Edward don't like each other because of their emotions to Bella. He has got long dark hair, brown…show more content…
He is an enemy for the Cullens and the werewolves because he tries to kill Bella but they chase him away. He has dark hair and olive skin. Victoria : She is the woman vampire in the James coven, James' mate. She tries to kill Bella. She has red hair, she resembles a cat. Sam Uley: Sam is the alpha werewolf of the pack and also the strongest and the oldest. He finds Bella in the woods when she lost. Renée Dwyer: She is Bella's mother. She moved to Phoenix after she divorced Charlie. After than she married with a professional baseball player, Phil Dywer. Bella and her mother are so different in nature, she is like a middle-aged child for Bella. She is brave and a silly person. Charlie Swan: He is Bella's father. He works in a police office in Forks. He married Bella's mother, Renée, but she divorced Charlie not long after. He loves watching sports in TV and fishing. He is a quiet person. Charlie knows very little about Bella but learns with time. Jasper Hale: He is the adopted son of Carlisle and Esme, adoptive brother of Rosalie Edward and Emmett, husband of Alice. He is the newest vampire in the Cullen family. His physical age is 20. He has got brown hair and gold eyes. He is muscular but slim. He has the ability to sense and manipulate the

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