Disadvantages Of 4g

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4G in India Major difference between 3G and 4G connections The G in 3G and 4G stands for generation. So it is quite clear that there is a generation gap between these two technologies. In India the difference between the technologies is quite more than that. The differences can be better understood in the light of two aspects, technical and economical.2G evolved and advanced into 3G and made a pretty late entry into India. It was in 2001 when the first 3G connectivity was established in the world. Initial versions of 3G, ex W-CDMA provided connectivity with 384 Kbps. 3G connectivity were accepted in the rest of the world only after 2005. Whereas, in India the first 3G network was inaugurated…show more content…
Between 3G and 4G, 4G provides larger bandwidth. The quoted download speed for 4G is around 45 Mbps. But network connectivity and congestion decide these speeds. It should be noted that network connectivity and congestion were the main issues while rolling out 3G connection. Customers never experienced the quoted download speeds owing to congestion on their networks. While launching 4G, carriers are avoiding the issue of congestion by concentrating on infrastructure. But still it cannot be taken for granted that we can experience the quoted download speeds. For example, Airtel sells 4G in Hyderabad, the experienced bandwidth is slightly more than what is experienced on…show more content…
Idea Idea has been underestimated in this field. The operator is implementing 4G services in more than 575 cities. Idea is the third largest Telco in terms of number of subscribers. It lags behind only Airtel and Reliance. The operator is aggressively increasing its coverage and plans. 4. Vodafone Vodafone appears to be cautious before investing heavily in 4G segment in the other 17 circles where it has no presence. Vodafone operates over 1800 MHz frequency in Kerala, Karnatka, Mumbai, Delhi and NCR and Kolkata. 5.VoLTE is the latest entry VoLTE shares major component of Reliance Jio’s 4G service. VoLTE made Nokia its partner with a deal of $100 million. The deal mentioned that more than 35 phones being sold in Indian market are compatible to use its VoLTE service. Major Mergers and Acquisitions in Indian Telecom sector Indian telecom sector has experienced many mergers and acquisitions in recent past. Vodafone and Idea recently announced their merger plans. It is to be noted that country’s leading operators Bharti Airtel,Vodafone and Idea are feeling the heat with the arrival of Reliance Jio led by Mukesh Ambani. Reliance Jio has offered free voice and data to customers in a bid to grab market share in

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