Toni Hoffman Case

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It was talking about the untold story of Toni Hoffman, the nurse in charge of the intensive care unit at Bundaberg Base Hospital in Queensland, who blows the whistle on a medical scandal. This scandal was about a surgeon called Jayant Patel who is now accused of murder and she was telling the inside story of her harrowing journey to greatest vindication. This surgeon Dr Patel was from United States, but now he was working in Queensland. He was the same doctor who was responsible for the death of Barry, who passed away in 2003 because he said that Barry had cancer and he decided that he need an operation, but later they found out that the tumor was not malignant and there was no cancer which led Barry to death. Dr Patel was an abusive doctor…show more content…
we can see that some nurses were really afraid to tell the truth or to report what was happening, as we heard from Jenny White who is the former theatre nurse unit manager saying that if you want to make a complaint about a surgeon, you really have to be brave which shows us that they were really afraid of the risks they might face if anything goes wrong. The behaviour of Dr Patel was really affecting them both physically and emotionally, as we heard from Toni’s mother that Toni was not sleeping anymore, she was always quiet which was weird because she said that she was not like that. It was destroying her inside as we heard that she wasn’t her usual cheerful self at all and according to Toni herself we can also see that this was really affecting her as she said that, she would come home and just think of what to do because she doesn’t want to go out. He was making them uncomfortable because according to Toni, she said that his presence was making them feel uncomfortable, because according to her words, she says that, she used to feel her stomach dropping whenever he walked into the ward, especially when she heard his voice, because she would knew that something terrible will happen if he became involved, which really shows us that he was a bad…show more content…
I will also make my complaints more public especially to the reporters, so people will know his true colours. I would have taken legal actions against Queensland health for their gross negligence in failing to contribute during the drama of Dr Patel, because we heard that they denied Toni’s specialized counselling This DVD makes me feel strong, it teaches me some skills that I was aware of, so I might say it has taught me a lesson, it also taught me to speak for myself and to rely on competency standards and to never doubt myself and never allow anyone to teach me or to tell me to do things that are against law and never be quiet when things like that occur. It also taught me to always ask advice from good people and to never trust anyone because he or she is above me

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