Examples Of Love In The Great Gatsby

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"Love is when the other person's happiness is more important than your own"in the story the great Gatsby, many of the characters seem to express what they believe is love. Although the love express seems to do more emotional and physical damage than good. There are many examples of this, for example Gatsby and Daisy, Tom to watch Daisy and Myrtle and George's relationship with Myrtle. To begin,Gatsby is hurt and devastated when he discovers that Daisy has married time. The reason Daisy marry Tom was for his money and his socialcast that came with the marriage. She was too concerned about the potential comfortable lifestyle she would receive if she marry Tom;so she blocks out the true meaning of love, that is until Gatsby had returned. Several years later when Gatsby comes back into Daisy’s life she is ready to leave her husband because of Gatsby is now just as wealthy, or even more so, than her husband. It is a distinct possibility Daisy is mistaking her love for money, for love for Gatsby. It's hurts Gatsby…show more content…
George, who tries his best to provide for her with his meager earnings, and does love her. The other,Tom, is powerful, prestigious, and wealthy, but breaks her nose. She chooses the rich man who beats her over her husband who does his best to care for her. So when george finds out that she's having an affair; he still tries to mend the relationship by moving out West with her. Even when she gets caught she's only concerned that the money is slipping away from her hands that she runs out to the road to whom she thinks it's got is Tom for rescue from her husband her greed is the cause of her death.After her accidental death he tries to avenge her killer by murdering Gatsby , and then in his agony, turns the gun on himself. He couldn’t bear living without his wife, the only because he lost the only person he ever really
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