Family Nurse Practitioner Admission Essay

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Explain why you have chosen the specific advanced practice area in the MSN program. Working as a Labor and Delivery Nurse has given, me an invitation into a woman’s most intimate life moments. Bringing a new child into the world is exhilarating, and simply awe-inspiring. It is a true hone to be a critical part of a woman’s birthing experience. I have been fortunate enough to care for and support these women in these very personal moments. As honored as I am, I often feel limited by my scope of practice as a Registered Nurse. The opportunity to support, guide, educate and empower my patients throughout their lives is what draws me to the Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) program within the Masters of Nursing Science. As a Family Nurse Practitioner,…show more content…
Although my work experience is primarily acute based, I have witnessed the direct relationship between primary and acute care. My time in our Triage unit has allowed me to hone in on my assessment and communication skills. I have experienced how proper and honest patient communication can lead to better patient compliance, perception and trust. Having taught at both the Duke Perinatal Center and as an Asthma Educator, I have learned that education is one of the most proactive measures a nurse can take to prevent acute problems. The most significant thing that I have learned is that the key to achieving better outcomes is to view each patient as a holistic person. I have had the opportunity to work with patients of all ages: newborn, teenagers and…show more content…
My experiences in Labor and Delivery have helped shape the nurse that I am today and the nurse that I would like to be..I have worked with patients from many different backgrounds and circumstances. I have been there for the twelve year old that became pregnant at the hands of her uncle; I have been there for the mom that experienced the joy of her first childbirth; and I have also been there for the woman that experienced a fetal demise at thirty-weeks gestation. Of my patients, what has impacted me the most is the childbearing adolescents that are faced with a myriad of health-related problems. These young mothers encounter challenges such as sexually transmitted diseases, poor birth outcomes and domestic violence. They struggle with these obstacles without the necessary understanding and support from their family. I want to take these lessons and combine them with what I learn in graduate school to help promote a healthy for my patients along with disease prevention. Upon completion of my Masters in Nursing Science, I will be able to work with vulnerable populations on both the local community and the global level through organizations such as ( my ultimate goal is to specifically open a clinic in a rural area to primarily serve this population) With the knowledge that I gain from UNC, I will strive to advocate for young mothers and provide aid for health-related problems

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