Family Feud In Romeo And Juliet

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Family Feuds The family feud is one of the biggest conflicts in Romeo and Juliet. It makes the aspects of the story very complicated, because of the family differences, beliefs, and parent influence. The Capulet’s family is much different than the Montagues family. The Capulet family is very ordered and the parents have a lot of the power in the decisions made. With the Montagues, everything is very calm as long as nobody is hurt. The Montagues are also very quiet and easygoing. It’s very easy to notice how much the Montague family interacts with each other. The Capulet family is much more isolated and they do not interact with each other much. In The “Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet” (Shakespeare), Mercutio, Benvolio, and Romeo are together in most of the scenes, but with Juliet, she’s only with her mother in three scenes. This shows how families interacted in the Fourteenth century and how different the two families are.…show more content…
In the “Topka Vs Jackson Case” Tomeka Jackson and Fred Topka were in a family of long political running partners. But when they start running against each other for secretary of state, this bond is broken. Neither of them won but their families are still feuding because of the anger towards each other. This connects with Lord Capulet because both the Topka and Jackson family were fighting to be most famous. The Lord Montague believes that the war is worthless and that it’s unnecessary. He really looks after everyone because he really cares. Lord Capulet also believes that status is important. He wanted Paris to marry Juliet so that Juliet would seem more mature and have a great status. Lord Montague doesn’t care about status and says that men need to take their time before they marry. Obviously, the two families are complete
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