Who's To Blame For The Tragedy In Romeo And Juliet

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What is to blame for all the tragedy in Romeo and Juliet? Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet follows two young star crossed lovers, as they fall in love quickly and take their own lives, after not wanting to live without the other. Throughout the play, death is always present, with both Montagues and Capulets losing their lives. The story is not written in a way which puts the blame on a single character or event, however there are various opinions about who or what is to blame for all the tragedy that takes place. All the tragic events in the play however can be linked to the ongoing feud between the Montagues and Capulets. Without the divide between the two households, Romeo and Juliet could have loved openly, there wouldn’t have been the unnecessary…show more content…
Tybalt, being a hate driven character and a member of the Capulets, was always looking for trouble, and with the Montagues being his families long time enemy, it meant he always had the opportunity to fight. Without the feud between the two households, Tybalt may have been a more peaceful character, as he would have had no one to hate. Even at the Capulet’s costume party in the beginning of the play, once Tybalt realised Romeo was a guest, his first instinct was to fight him, as he says “…Now, by the stock and honour of my kin, to strike him dead I hold it not a sin.”, (page 59) meaning he was happy to kill him, purely just for attending the party, considering he was a Montague. Tybalt’s hate for Montagues has obviously developed while being raised by Capulets and proves that the feud between the families has negatively contributed to his characteristics. Tybalt then fighting Romeo ended in tragedy when Mercutio was killed and Romeo then went on to kill Tybalt for murdering his friend. If there was no dispute between the Montagues and Capulets, Tybalt wouldn’t have fought Romeo, instead they may have even been friends, and if Tybalt wasn’t trying to fight Romeo, Mercutio would not have been killed the way he was. If Mercutio hadn’t been killed, Romeo would have had no reason to kill Tybalt, which also would have avoided him being banished. Both Mercutio and Tybalt’s deaths are linked to the hatred between the households, which shows that the divide is to blame for another set of

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