Immaturity In Romeo And Juliet

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in the tragedy Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare a pair of star-crossed lovers take their life through a series of misfortune and fate. Romeo and Juliet's love is doomed by the world around it, its own intensity but especially the immaturity of the couple. the society they lived in ran off the "ancient grudge" and that caused the couple to hide their relationship causing heightened emotions when together, also the intensity of their love created in the moment feeling and unclear thinking, furthermore, the immaturity and lack of experience in the relationship make the couple go with what they thought instead of having advise. The ancient feud of the families force Romeo and Juliet to sneak around keeping their love hidden. By not being able to always be together when they are together things are fast and rushed. this contributes to the death-marked love. without the feud they wouldn't of had to hide their love and not had to create a plan with the Friar to escape. the society they lived in was based off the feud everyone was involved even people who were not involved chose sides and started " Draw, if you be men. Gregory, remember thy swashing blow" . by living in this socety everyone had a side and romeo and Juliet's love could not have been grown in public or more "quarrels" would have broken out this pushed them to rush decisions…show more content…
All the fast decisions and plans made no time to thing other wise about their decisions. their love was powerful and brought them happiness but it also meant they were dependent on each other. when Romeo got banished Juliet couldn't even spend a day without him so she devised a plan to be with him. the plan ended through "Fate" stopping the letter getting to romeo. In the end when Romeo saw Juliet "dead" "For fear of that, I still will stay with
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