Ender Wiggin Character Analysis

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Andrew “Ender” Wiggin is a young prodigy. In the beginning of the story he is very naive and ignorant however, his ability to adapt quickly and efficiently to any situation is impressive. He uses his judgment throughout the whole story to constantly overcome physical, mental and emotional challenges. When a bully confronts him at school, Ender is taunted by Stilson and his followers. Even though Ender is unfairly outnumbered and unprepared, he is able to rapidly handle the situation. Instead of picking a strategy to win this fight, he decides not to be the victim anymore. Ender goes toe-to-toe with Stilson in a scrap and is able to knock him to the floor. As Stilson lies helpless on the floor, Ender proceeds to kick him in the groin and ribs until he can no longer breathe. Ender continues to beat him because he knows that he must not only win this fight, but he must win all the next ones too. Ender isn’t recognized as a violent character in the beginning of the story however, situations like this can affect his decisions. This first encounter shows that Ender Wiggin is capable of looking at situations in an entirely different perspective. Instead looking at the situation as one battle that he has to win, Ender decides he must end a cycle of abusive behavior so that he can win the war once in…show more content…
He gets mad and frustrated and begins to think that the game cannot be won. His character in the game always ends up on a table in front of a giant who asks him to play an unfair guessing game. Two glasses are placed in front of Ender. Picking the right glass means a trip to Fairyland; choosing the wrong one results in some kind of gruesome death. No matter how many times Ender repeats this level of the game, he always ends up dyeing. There is no victory choice that leads to him going to

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