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Annuj Shah Mrs. Mills Pre-AP Lit/Comp 25 January 2015 Romeo and Juliet Final Project The strife of the parents of Romeo and Juliet was the reason for the love between them proving to be fatal. At first when Romeo and Juliet met at the Capulet’s party, everything was going well. Then a feud erupted between the two families when Romeo killed Tybalt, who was a part of the Capulet family. Romeo was threatened by the Capulet’s to be vanished from the city of Verona. He then escaped but their plan to marry each other failed mainly because of their parent’s strife. When Romeo first went to the Capulet’s party to see Rosaline, he never knew anyone prettier existed. He then gazed upon all the people in the crowd and then set his eyes on a girl named…show more content…
Tybalt and Romeo’s friend Mercutio got in an argument, which turned into a sword fight. Romeo was trying to prevent the fight but by accident he caused Tybalt to stab Mercutio in the chest. Romeo was enraged because Romeo and Mercutio were best friends. This also induced Romeo to want revenge and he and Tybalt started fighting. Romeo defeated Tybalt but also defeated himself, as this was the result of the strife of the parents of Romeo and Juliet and also between the Capulet’s and the Montague. The Capulet’s thought Romeo was responsible for everything so they wanted their own revenge on…show more content…
If Romeo did not receive the threat to be vanished from the city of Verona then they could have reconciled their disputations so the love between Romeo and Juliet could have been persisted. If the faults of Romeo had not been inaugurated then the family feud would have come to a consensus. As for the love of Romeo and Juliet was like the sight of flowers blossoming on a sunny day to the darkness of the clouds during a thunderstorm. Just as the bright light from a light bulb is slowly dulled by the darkness surrounding it as it fades away leaving no trace. This describes Romeo and Juliet’s story as their love was immortalized by the deep despair’s and as the two families would later mourn about their predicaments. The love of Romeo and Juliet is now dead but their story lives

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