Failure In College

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Failure Everyone holding hands, thousands of eyes on us, whispers surrounding us, chatting about our team. Almost the whole room believed we would come out victorious. Everyone believed it was us; we believed it was us. The crowd fell silent as the announcer took the spotlight, "...and your state champions in the medium division are…" I spent 8 agonizing months filled with bruises, headaches, and tears, to accomplish the one goal my team had set: be top three in the state. We decided the Summer before that we wanted to "Push for Podium" and we told ourselves, "We Will Be Three." The ten minutes after the state champions were announced were a sobbing blur. We watched the cameraman run; we saw everyone's faces. After hitting two perfect routines, after all the hard work, after everyone told us we would be the new state champions, we lost.…show more content…
I don't cry at competitions; I always found it weak. I know how to handle a loss, but this was different; this was a failure. We did not accomplish our goal. I found myself in a moment of weakness, in which I started sobbing uncontrollably. I was extremely embarrassed; I wish I were invisible. I hated that people kept coming up to me, apologizing, because I knew I did not deserve their remorse. I would rather have been ignored. We just failed. It was not that failure is not acceptable, it was that it was an embarrassment to have everyone believe in you and not accomplish your set goal, one that you have been longing for. This loss was like a fireman not saving a cat stuck in a tree as everyone frantically watches and hopefully cheers him on. It was extremely
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