Personal Narrative: My Failure In College

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Failure has been my most impactful experience. Most of us encounter failure here and there, but for me, I was never met with constant failure until my senior year of high school. Many students across the United States, including my peers and I, we began our college process, focused on applying to colleges as well as scholarships to fund our education. Due to my legal status, as an undocumented student, the college process was different for me than for my peers. Scholarships offering aid to undocumented students is very limited as well as competitive. The summer before my senior year, I had found a scholarship which did not take into account my legal status. This scholarship was a two step process: first, came the scholarship application, and if one became a finalist for this scholarship,…show more content…
Months passed and the wait was unbearable, but before I knew it, the notification date for these institutions came by. I received letters and emails with instructions. The wait was finally over, but with each decision I viewed, I was greeted with words, such as, "We regret to inform you..." or "we apologize..." I was at a loss for words after viewing each decision. I had failed in a way I had never failed before. I became discouraged, and for the first time, I was oblivious as to what the future would hold. I had run out of options and only a few months remained before my graduation. My peers knew where they were headed, but I did not. But, luckily for me, a week or two before graduation came a letter from a separate institution I had applied to. I was admitted with a scholarship, but I was forced to decline the offer as I would not be able to fund the rest of my education. I spoke to the college advisor about my situation, and I was informed of the other options I had. This was when the doors opened for me, but it was too late to gather everything I needed in a short amount of time. I had to wait once

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