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—TRAITS— Inulin is composed of carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Sulfur. The molecule is arranged in two peptide chains, referred to as A chain and B chain. A chain contains 21 amino acids, whereas B chain contains 30. These chains are linked by two disulfide bonds, and the individual chains are linked with hydrogen bonds. [1]
Insulin is a metabolism regulating hormone that is produced naturally within the pancreas. Insulin assists the body in creation of fatty acids in the liver. Insulin keeps blood glucose levels down by transporting glucose molecules into cells, and also serves as a medium in which proteins can be transferred into cells. Insulin also promotes cell growth, DNA synthesis and cell replication. [2] —PROBLEMS WITH INSULIN— Many humans face the problem of low insulin levels, where instead of transporting glucose into cells, the glucose is allowed to build up in the bloodstream, resulting in hypoglycemia or diabetes. This can cause symptoms such as double vision, fast heartbeat, nervousness, headaches, hunger, trouble sleeping, sweating, or tiredness. [3] Insulin and Insulin Resistance…show more content…
The article discusses the physiological processes and roles that insulin carries out on both molecular and bodily levels. 

The article goes into detail how insulin interacts with all parts of the body, from the brain and the muscular system to skeletal systems and kidneys, along with the aforementioned liver and pancreas. The article also outlines and examines the condition known as Insulin Resistance. Doctor Wilcox goes on to explore the scientific community’s intrigue, as well as the public’s attention to, diabetes, and the history of the disease both within the US and the global

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